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Introducing HB LIVE


To my dear HB Community,

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you, and I am so grateful to have purpose in doing so today. Since our closure 63 days ago, I have been digesting, watching, learning, and listening. We knew on day 1, that keeping our community engaged and connected during this difficult time was the most valuable thing we could offer you. So we went to work. We’ve used our hearts and our brains to continue serving you every day, even when our doors are closed.

Through merchandise sales and donations, the business generated almost enough cash to cover the salaries of our 4 full-time studio managers and all of the instructors who have taught virtual IG classes to date. Stop and read that again. The enormity of your support during this time leaves me without words to express my gratitude. It also shines light on the strength of our ties. Though our doors are closed and physical connection eliminated… our bonds remain a beacon of vibrant life (under a thick layer of ash!). But we’ll rise again. And hopefully – sooner than later.

As many of you know, we are expecting Governor Baker to release details surrounding the MA economic reopening plan tomorrow, May 18th. The plan will encompass 4 phases of a successful reopening. We do not expect that businesses like ours will be in the first phase, and we do not expect to learn a set date for our reopening. But we do have reason to hope that each phase will occur within weeks, rather than months of each other. When we DO open doors, the safety precautions and social distancing measures will make for a slightly different experience.. and a much different business model! But we shall make it.

As a country, a state, and a community… we have to continue listening, learning and adapting, now more than ever. While we have loved serving you on Instagram, we’ve also been working hard on a virtual offering that can better represent what we lost on March 15th. Next Sunday we’ll begin offering a full schedule of both MOVE and… wait for it… CYCLE classes, streamed live from our North Station studio. You will have the ability to buy and book directly through our website and app… a healthy dose of the accountability factor that we’ve all been missing.

We’ll be charging $7 to join the roster, granting you access to take the class live, or watch it anytime within 24 hours.

Our class lineup will include MOVE, The HB’s signature beat-based Kettlebell, HIIT, and Mobility class, which will be offered 10+ times weekly. We’ll also be offering a FLOW class, taught by master instructor, Margaret Cally, that encompasses elements of MOVE into a traditional vinyasa flow. Lastly, we’ll begin streaming our beloved HB CYCLE class seven days per week. The schedule will go live Sunday, May 24th and classes will begin Monday, May 25th.

This final decision was made as a result of our recent community survey. It turns out, 25% of you have bikes already! We can’t pass up on this opportunity to ride with you. So, even though it wasn’t in the plan.. If we’re gonna do it, we’re doing it well. Our CYCLE schedule will be announced weekly with the first sign-ups going live next Sunday.

Because our studios will look much different when we open, we have about half of our bikes available for rent. We’ll be sharing the details on our bike rental program this week. If you’ve been doing MOVE, or plan to start the practice, you’ll need a proper kettlebell. We’ll be sharing details on our next Kettlebell sale this week.

Well that about sums up my novel. I can’t wait to move with you virtually, and physically. Whether it’s 6 feet apart, or over a strong wifi connection, together is still better than alone.

With gratitude,



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