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Hana was born in Bronx, New York, but relocated several times within the Bergen County area of New Jersey before moving to Massachusetts to pursue her career in nursing. After landing her first job as a Psychiatric Nurse at McLean Hospital, she discovered The Handle Bar, where she was immediately hooked and began working as a Front Desk Staff. Each class she took provided a unique experience where she felt connected with both the people and the music as everyone rode in unison to the beat of the music – an experience unparalleled to any other workout class she had taken. She became addicted to the adrenaline rush – a similar feeling to that which she experienced at concerts and music festivals. She had always been in awe of the artists/DJs she had seen perform live and enjoyed seeing how they pieced together songs to create a whole new dynamic. She loved discovering new music when exploring the stages and seeing artists she had never heard of before.

Since then, music has been a huge part of her life, and becoming a spin instructor took her fitness journey to the next level while giving her the opportunity to create an inclusive experience. Hana’s favorite part of teaching is building up the anticipation of what’s going to come next – leading up to the magical moment when the beat drops as the whole room lights up. She hopes that the ambiance of her class will leave riders feeling empowered and show a glimpse of what makes music so special to her.

What is your favorite post-class indulgence?

Pizza OR ice cream on top of a warm brownie/cookie – maybe both.

Favorite vacation spot?

Barcelona – a place that has the perfect balance between “chill” and “lit.”

Why do you ride?

The bike room is my “safe place,” and riding gives me a chance to “lose myself” while vibing to the beat of the music. It helps me disconnect/take a break from my daily stressors and serves as a judgement-free zone where I can be my best self. I feel more confident and energized after each class, and it reminds me of the importance of taking better care of my physical, mental, and emotional health – giving me a reason to smile even after the hard days.

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