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Frank Hamilton

Born in London, Frank grew up north of Boston. A soccer fan by birth and a hockey fan by proximity to the Garden (shout-out NoSta I’m coming for ya!). Frank grew up a runner. After completing over a dozen half-marathons and five full marathons, Frank looked to take the bike skills out of the bike room. Alongside her dad, she completed an Ironman70.3, winning the father-daughter race last year. This might be why she loves a good run in 3…

Frank was a Southie regular before joining us on the podium. She wants to know your name and see you get better, faster, and stronger with every class. She is a focused, positive, and a motivational coach in the bike room. Outside of the bike room, she works for MIT, the Bruins, and teaches Barre (be warned, she loves triceps).

Favorite time of day?

The mornings. It is amazing how many things you can get done by the time you get to your desk at 9. Carpe MORE diem!

Fun Fact?

I have started a Seven Nation Army chant at every wedding I’ve been too. Let’s do it in the bike room, I’ve got eight remixes.

Why do you ride?

I LOVE endorphins. When you finish a ride, gave it everything you had, and come out dripping in sweat, that is what success feels like. Rain, snow, sunshine, HB is always there for a kick-ass workout and positive vibes. Awesome jams, an inspiring instructor, and a pack to ride, my day is made.

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